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What's SOL mean?

By heath - Posted on 24 March 2006

I was sitting at a table with one of our VPs and a couple of consultants when one consultant said, regarding a customer's situation, "Then they're SOL."

Now, I was raised in a some what sheltered environment, but at 30 I've heard just about everything. Considering some of the movies I watch, I think I have seen and heard just about everything, but apparently "SOL" has somehow slipped through the cracks.

So, I asked, "What's SOL mean?" There was an awkward silence, and everyone looked at each other as if to say, "No, you first." I don't know if the hesitation was because of the corporate setting or because no one wanted to offend my virgin ears. As the highest ranking officer, the VP explained that it meant they our out of luck and said that this was the difference between state schools and Baylor.

I couldn't believe it. Once again, I accidently reinforced my image as the nice guy who probably doesn't even know how to sin. It is almost as if people like to think of me that way. Is it possible for people to see me as a real human being who like them is desperate for the grace that only comes through Christ.

There are definitely times when I wish I had the radical-change testimony, but I am thankful that God has saved me from some of the consequences of sin that I did not commit merely because of my sheltered upbringing and often self-righteous obedience. For this I am all the more in need of God's grace.

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It can be frustrating if your lifestyle differs quite abit from those around you or your history was one that differed so much that the "goodie 2 shoes"(g2s) seems to be the reaction of you of those around you. However, your recent post "putting your best foot forward" is a good example I think of how even with large differences in background / lifestyle others can see your struggle to live a certain way and identity with it. Being open about things like that is a sacrifice, in a sense, that God can use.

a side note: it seems to me the g2s label is many times a scare tactic for those who want to live otherwise and is wickedly relative. Your neighbor sees something in you as g2s, but that neighbor is g2s to the street criminal, who is g2s to the prison inmate, who is g2s to suddam hussein, ... there's no escape.

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