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DefCon America - Evangelism

I thought it would be funny to share this survey that I recently got from DefCon America. It is suprising how much they sound like fundamentalists.

I think they might be as evangelistic as a church planter. I saved off a copy to share.

Drifting Toward Libertarianism

Living in a pluralistic society can be tough.  We are constantly beset with competing claims to truth.  Groups making these claims may or may not play fair with respect to the society‚Äôs agreement.  One example might be militant Muslims.  I'd claim that the secular humanist left is also one such group.  I'd also claim that the most extreme of the "religious right" is another.

As of late I have gradually been drifting toward the Libertarian position.  I think that in a place where pluralism is standard, we need the government to do as little as possible.  The less we have to agree on

DefCon America

I can't remember exactly how I happened on to it, but I recently found the DefCon America website.

I have to say it is pretty sad the way they represent and misrepresent the "religious right."  I am not exactly sure whether or not to personalize it.  I attend a church that is smack dab in the middle of their definition of the religious right, but I would probably not fit their definition completely.  Many of my concerns and views do not precisely align with the religious right.  In addition, I do not espouse the eschatology DefCon so vehemently criticizes.

Nukular Proliferation

I was reading the ultra-geeky news site and happened upon an interesting comment. As most slash-dotters, I usually enjoy reading the comments more than the original source. You never know what topic will be brought up by a commenter. While geeks usually have computers or science in comment, there is a wide variety of second interests, and they do not refrain from pulling those into the discussion.

In this particular comment, the writer turns a discussion of a scientific experiment regarding the speed of light into comment on linguistic philosophy and politics, two of my secondary interests. He takes a current issue and adroitly turns it into a lesson in desriptivist linguistics. He confronts one commenter's disdain of Bush's pronunciation of nuclear. I won't rehash his eloquence. See the comment for more info.

I have added is RSS feed to my reader.