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Where is preaching that challenges heart?

Most of the time when I walk out of church, I speak very little about the sermon from that point forward. I don't think I am alone. Ironically, many at my church think that we have a very good preacher. And, by their measuring stick, I think he is. My stick, however, is how it moves people.

The fact is that he has built a large congregation virtually from scratch. I do not mean to disrespect him by talking so negatively about preaching. One of my favorite preachers, Mike Malone, from St. Paul's PCA in Orlando, had the same problem. Very few people would talk about the sermon after it was over.

Now, Courtney and I are strange, and having noticed this point, try, as much as we can, to discuss the sermon during the remainder of the Sunday. However, we find it very difficult to bring it up with others. It seems that

Am I going to be held accountable for what I know

Last week, I purchased some Kool-Aide from some kids and two single mothers in the projects near our house on the way home from church. There I was in my spiffy clothes, decked out boys, and new mini-van buy 25 cent kool-aide from kids in Wal-Mart clothes who probably struggle to pay the bills. My conscience has been bothering me since.

It just doesn't seem right. Sure, I have

Midnight Hour

Gradually over the course of our lives, we come to realize conciously or subconciously that there will be a day when all comes to light. In fact, we experience the forwshadowing of the day in our highest of highs and our lowest of lows.

This site is devoted to the gathering of content and resources to move all who will to a place in their lives where they can look forward to that day instead of living in dread.