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Behind the Mask


Every quarter or so, PDI, the company I work for, has a staff meeting. Kirk Fischer, one of our VPs usually gives an inspiring presentation of some sort. It is always good, but this time I really think he hit on something.

My Church

My church was the emergent church of 20 years ago. Like today's radicals, they were breaking away from traditional structures and seeking a more authentic model of discipleship. It has evolved into the thing emergents are rebelling against.

Life's Complicated

Sometimes I am overwhelmed at all there is to learn, and know and experience and share. I have been having a great conversation with my wife about marital roles. I started looking at a Great Courses brochure and saw courses on the "Great Books" and human language development. When I walked back into the room with iTunes playing, it was playing a great song, Letters to God, by Boxcar Racer.

It makes me want to quit everything and go to grad school for philosophy or back to seminary to get my M. Div. Then I remember that

Husband/Wife Roles

Courtney and I got into a discussion tonight about husband and wife roles. Thankfully, I can say that this topic hasn't come up in quite some time. Unfortunately it did earlier in our marriage.

In small talk with an acquaintance, the idea that Courtney would be well taken care of as the mother of three boys came up. This caused me to reflect on my own practice of chivalry.

I think I have inherited a somewhat rare version of masculinity. It is one that is strong and traditional, and yet


I am using a new browser called flock.  It is good integration to blogging,, flickr, and all the social web stuff.  Soren likes the flickr integration.  He was pretty excited to see his picture.  Here it is:

Loved by the Father

John 16:25-33

It is barely comprehensible that the God of the universe loves me. I am so thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ who has made this possible, and yet, it is at least partly because he loved me that he came in the first place.

If its worth doing well..

If its worth doing well, it is worth doing poorly.

Three examples:

Rusty's prayer updates - My friend, Rusty, sends out prayer updates for his church plant. He asks that we "send up a quick one" right when we get the email. Courtney and I were recently commenting on how at first we didn't like this so we thought we would save the email and prayer more when we got time. Now we just follow Rusty's instructions, and we actually pray for his fledgling church. If it is worth an hour of prayer later, it is worth 5 minutes now. Don't neglect the 5 minute prayer because you can't dedicate the hour.

Saving money -

When I say dork, I mean it in the coolest way possible.

Those of you that know me, and I imagine that is all of you, will get a kick out of this.

What was I saying about being cool at UC? Right, Heath, tres cool.

Confessions of a coveter

At St. Paul's Church ( we would confess our sins out loud during church. Following our confession, the pastor would encourage us with a reminder of the boundless grace of Christ. Sometimes, we used the Ten Commandments as a framework for this confession. I could not always find the sin in my life for each commandment, and I particularly despised the idea of finding covetousness in my heart. I prided (alarm bells go off) myself on being content.

Lately I have realized and been able to admit to a greater depth of covetousness in my own heart. I find myself looking enviously at my friends houses or careers. I can also reflect back on my time in seminary where I envied the lifestyles of those who did not have to work and who had the confidence to spend time with professors. I even remember a specific occasion of envying a guys pants in church while I was in college. LOL.

I could no longer ignore the fact of my discontent heart when I found myself thinking, "Well, he is 6 years older than I am so it is OK. Now, how am I going to get where he is." Aha. The idol is revealed. I have swallowed the lie that it is these external things that determine my worth and satisfaction. What a lie. Many of those people whose things I might covet are merely coveting things of those those who I can yet see.