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Spring 2006 Blog-a-thon

By heath - Posted on 23 March 2006

Having just read the beginning of a series on self-discipline at, I have resolved to embark upon a 26-day blog-a-thon. I have at least 40 ideas for entries lying around. This doesn't even count the movies I haven't entered. I am guessing in the next 26 days I will run into a few more ideas.

Mark Miller recently mentioned the phenomenon where you have such a backlog on which to blog that you write nothing at all. I too have expereinced this. Courtney and my mom have mentioned that this violates my "if it's worth doing well, it's worth doing poorly," proverb.

Now that this is out, I'll start on my first post.

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Your "worth doing well" proverb is exactly what prompted me to write that, and entirely why I chose such a trivial topic to kick start myself. Looking forward to the next 26 days. You always challenge my thinking.

Way to tackle some of your hinderances head on Heath. I think from the way you describe your motivational challenge, that I also can suffer from that at times. Procrastinate + things to do => daunting pile of things to do => which feeds back into the initial reactants.

If we dont ever admit and try to practice a change we will forever suffer in it (maybe a little extreme, but I hope the point doesnt get lost there). I hope the process goes well, It looks like you are off to a great start. So much so it almost fed into my daunting pile "oh look, Heath has posted something, I should read that, oh wait theres another one, another one, I should just do this later..." :)

Cool. Thanks for the encouragement It is God's grace that keeps pushing me forward. Sometimes the risk of failure is a good way to prove his grace in the face of fear.

I know the past year has been a hard one with Jenna. You'll make it. It gets easier.

I hate to know that I am contributing to the problem. I might not should even post this. Don't feel like you need to keep up. I am sure there is better stuff out there to read, and, God willing, this will be hear when you get around to it.

It's worth keeping up, I have benefited from it. I especially like "putting your best foot forward" its a reminder how what seems contrary to us / the world is actually what we need. To open up weakness, to acknowledge grace, to see ourselves as we really are...

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