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Pax's First Haircut

By heath - Posted on 03 April 2006

Pax's First Haircut

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Tonight I gave Pax his first haircut. It is probably pretty unusual to get your first haircut at 2 months, but he has quite a mop.

In typical Robinson fashion, it was completely spur of the moment. Following our normal stupid pattern, we decided to give him a haircut right in the middle of the boys' bath at 8:00, their bedtime.

We ended up finishing at 8:40 or so after cleaning up, as best we could, the mixture of hair and water on the floor. It would have been so much easier if we had just waited until we put the older two to bed, but, no, we had to do it right then.

Both Courtney and I have a problem with patience and discipline. We get an idea in our head and can't just finish what we are doing and move on.

I haven't quite figured out our idol(s) with respect to this problem. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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My response to the idol in respect to the problem of lack of patience and discipine is that it is in response to the problem of fear of lack of follow thru :) :) The fear that if you don't do it right then, it might never get done?!?! P.S. This is not Dan :)

You may be on to something. In thinking about it, I would combine it with thinking that whatever it is we are starting is going to be the thing that will make us feel complete. If we have to do it now or never, it has to be now.

Why the mystery, not-Dan?

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