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By heath - Posted on 28 May 2006

Blue Denim Jumper Mafia is a term used by The Discoshaman. If you don't know what I am talking about, either you aren't a Christian, you don't live in America, or you're one of them. Sorry.

Well, my place of business and CEO's conscience was hit by a bombshell from this squeaky wheel. PDI has a summer picnic every year. For the past 2 years, they have produced a shirt for the kids calling them "Jr. Teammates." Teammate is a parent company thing: don''t ask. Anyway, they sent out the design for this year and asked for orders.

I thought it was very cool. We picked our colors and ordered our 2 (oops should have been 3). Picking colors is a company thing: don't ask. I was proud of our normally conservative CEO for going with such a cool design.

Then, we all got an email that there was a problem with the ordering and that we were to stay tuned. Then we got an email from our CEO saying that he feared that some parents might object to the "gaming" theme. The company logo is in the PS2 font, and there is a controller and directional pad. Last I remember he "gaming" industry referred to games played in Las Vegas not on your TV in your living room. Anyway, he was asking if he was off track.

Then we received a clarifying email triggered by a reply to him objecting to the design. The reply to him voiced some concern about a mom letting her seven year-old wear it. The only problem was that she was referring the ad and not the shirt design which required you to follow a link. She said she couldn't see it very well, but she wouldn't let her seven year-old wear it.

First of all, the email was clear. Why is it that reactionary people have trouble reading? There was a link to the shirt and a picture of a PS2 ad. It was not ambiguous. Secondly, why would we have a shirt that said PS2? Finally, if you can't see the design, how do you know if you object?

At this my group broke for a conversation. I wouldn't call my group the most conservative group in the company, so maybe we were not representative, but I think they were more offended by the fact that someone would think this than by the original design. They thought it was pretty ridiculous, and I must say that I agreed when them. My four and three year-olds play Xbox with me. Now we regulate it and only play age-appropriate games, but I as a hard-core Christian have nothing particular about kids "gaming."

In fact, I think this may show why there is a culture war and why Christians are so poor at reaching the lost. I am not saying you have to be a fan of Grand Theft Auto or even Halo, but come on. I found it highly ironic that someone is offended by the "gaming" theme in a company that gets most of its money from customers whose primary products are fossil fuel, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and beer. Could there be a more offensive industry? I really just wish that Christians would just shut up about small things. There are just too many big things out there.

Now that you have heard the controversy. Here is the shirt.

To make matter's worse, now there is an alternative shirt. This way we can split up into two groups at the picnic and gossip about each other. I am hoping my boys pick one of each, or maybe we should get the non-gaming one for our 4 month-old since we think that is too young to start gaming.

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Thats a pretty cool logo design (worthy of something an art focused company would do). It's amazing what we can be offended at. So, if I understand the ps2 critics complaint it is because there are games on that system that are bad? If that requires censure, do they also not rent any kind of movie or listen to any type of music. Radio's and VCR's probably make the list of banned items. :)

OUCH!!! I have never hear the term Blue Denim Jumper Mafia. I ventured a guess as to what it might be and happened to be right. Thank goodness I didn't make the wrong guess or I guess I wouldn't be a Christian OR an American, but I would have been a Blue Denim Jumper Mafia Member!!! Since my guess was right, and since I have known many who might qualify for such an organization, I definitely would not have been happy to be a member!!! What a relief!

I have to say I didn't know of the Blue Denim Jumper Mafia, but my guess is they are fairly judgemental...with a statement leading off you blog of "you might not be a Christian or an American if you don't know who the Blue Denim Jumper Mafia is"...I'd be careful not to become too much like one...that is pretty harsh...Btw..this is coming from someone who's husband recently just got out of the gaming industry, so I definetly don't have a promblem with gaming to a large degree and am certainly not part of the BDJM :) I agree that the situation is pretty ridiculous about the shirts, I just didn't agree with the opening paragraph...

Your surely judged sister...Krystl :)

We had a series of bizarre misunderstandings at work recently. It turned out there was an employee who felt they got so much email that it was only worth reading the first phrase, or even just the subject. We would send out emails like "The qualification was a success, aside from the.....blah blah", or "Everything is working, but we need x or y to proceed".

He was only catching the first phrase and assuming everything was fine. Then later he's fire off emails wondering why we had not proceeded to the next step, or why was project x behind schedule. He would copy all of management and even though we were waiting on his team to get something done, we would come off looking like slackers.

When we discovered what was happening, we started rephrasing our subjects and first sentences so if he only read the first parts, he got the relevant information. We started getting alot more cooperation from him, and had to do far less damage control.

I mostly meant that you would know who I meant when I used the term. Maybe they don't migrate that far north.

the subject, but I don't know what the heck you are getting at.

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