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M'Cheyne Reading Reflections - Jan 6

By heath - Posted on 07 January 2010

Gen 6

The ark was part of the covenant, God's method of relating and saving his people.

Ezra 6

Don't you love the irony sometimes. God takes care of his people in the face of those who oppose them.

This must have been an incredible celebration. To celebrate the Passover in the land had such significance, it must have really felt like salvation to the Jews there and then.

Matt 5 & 6

I have been reading a good bit in Resident Aliens about the Sermon on the Mount. It flows very well with study in a seminary class regarding this passage. The basic idea is that Jesus is describing what they way God's people are and not so much what each individual should do. The idea is that the community of God's kingdom should, in general, look like this.

In my mind, this takes it from legalism to a real goal for the church. It puts a heavier burden on us to cultivate this kind of life together instead of guilting us into obedience. It also explains Christ's mention of a city on a hill. The light is not my life or yours but our life together.

Acts 6

It is interesting that Stephen, a "deacon" was doing great wonders and signs. He also was able to speak in such a way that he put his opponents to shame. I look forward to reading his last sermon tomorrow.

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