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Atheistic Justice

By heath - Posted on 25 July 2007

Can an atheist legitimately say, "He'll get what's coming to him?" Is there some law that guarantees some sort of justice? What makes him think that there would be anything to correlate to his own sense of need for such a thing as justice. Not only does this necessitate a cosmic law, but it necessitates a cosmic law giver.

I just don't understand an atheism that isn't nihilism. It just isn't intellectually honest.

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From the atheistic starting point:

"He'll get what is coming to him" - if one is a poor deceiver. Why? Becuase his actions could be determined as disadvantageous to some one/group. But a more capable deciever should get away with it, and be applauded as a more progressive and viable. Indeed, the best deciever can convince you he is doing something in which "he deserves whats coming to him" while getting you to think it's in your interest or in the best interests of both of you. The atheist's pinnacle. (we must say goodbye to our friends truth and altruism for these are no longer important)

"He'll get what is coming to him" - if it directly or indirectly benefits those whose fitness the whole species depends on.. wait, no the genus depends, no the family, no order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain, univers.., no wait what *is* the unit of selection? The individual, the species, it can't be animal life or planet, or universe as a whole that would mean there is some cosmic imperative inside or outside - no good. It's somewhere, it's the genes, whatever saves the genes, but whose genes?, here we go again (and why does it matter to the genes, in themselves they are only the switches, knobs, and building blocks... so it must be the overall genetic program - but that leads us back to the organism as a whole and perhaps purpose? let's hope not). And again we are strangers, because our compassionate friends willing to sacrifice in opposition to this quid pro quo, are outside our opportunistic / reciprocal eyesight. And hopefully most moraliy that our life may depend on is cheap and easily acquired otherwise it won't be worth it

"He'll get what is coming to him" - is non sense. There is not such a thing. Nothing that follows his actions and occurs to him stands in relation to him in a way other than the emergent effects of a state of affairs from the basics of physics and chemistry. (gravity pulled the object to a body of mass in this case or in another case creates friction and heat and which slows it's strength) Doesnt this mirror justice and morality? Gravity *should* not have pulled that object in this context which results in the *moral* consequence of heat from friction which slowed it's original *desire* - it's attraction.

All that to say, Nihlism (denial of nearly all reality beyond the physical in this case) seems like a good position if you're an atheist - things are only emergent(appearing to have value) in actuality everything has no real value. However, selfish deception, kin selection and reciprocity look appealing and allow you to run on it's hampster wheel for a while before loosing your luggage and realizing your not getting anywhere.

Now what do you think of costly actions of vengeance? I think the atheist is also incompable of finding a good explanation of it.

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