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Annual Six Month Update

By heath - Posted on 13 January 2007

A failed business venture (I am quitting PDI, or maybe not)

A new church (Driving for doctrine)

Deepening relationships (Friends take time)

Quicksilver (Why isn#039t there a windows version?)

A few interesting encounters with a drug addict (sad and exhilarating)

Some great sermons (

Working out (Well, trying)

Three amazing boys

A new iPod (It is cool to have over 3000 songs and all your photos with you)

Playing sudoku (I thought it was silly, but now I am addicted)

96 hours of 24 (Jack Bauer is awsome)

More sleep (less blogging)

One awful 6 months of employment at PDI (But Enterprise has now replaced RMS)

Ruby on Rails experiments

Many visits from new neighborhood friends (some kids have it really rough)

Hundreds of blog ideas

Lots of things I can't tell you (Jack said it's classified)

A great wife to share it all with (Some great conversations, and...other stuff)

One wonderful God who has given it all (good and bad, I know he loves me)

P.S. Maybe I'll write before next June. Use RSS just in case.

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