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Community Encouragement

By heath - Posted on 07 August 2006

I am not always that encouraging, so I thought I would take an entry to encourage with some things with which I was encouraged this Sunday.

  1. I was encouraged by my sunday school lesson. David Richardson, our teacher, encouraged us to question whether or not we fell pray to the dangers warned against in I Tim 6:9-10 where Paul warns of being a lover of money and desiring to get rich. It is a message I need every day.
  2. I was encouraged in worship. For a second sunday in a row, I had a good worship experience. Not only did we sing some good songs that exalted Christ our king. I also enjoyed the addition of Kurt Baxley to the worship band. His electric guitar added an edge to the music that strikes a chord with me. Finally, I observed gracious love being given by an older lady who takes in foster children to one of her children. It reminded me of the love I receive from God, undeserved, radically free.
  3. I was encouraged by the sermon. While Rick Rigsby is not my favorite speaker of all time. He really preached. Oh sure, I have my criticisms, but I appreciated his exhortation to "live in the tent" an allusion to Exodus 33. One thing I particularly remember is his reminder that one moment of truly experiencing the awesome beauty of the presence of God lays all other loves in the grave of severe disinterest. If only my wandering heart would stay out of the grave

That was just the morning. I spent the afternoon with family and the evening with the brothers and sisters at Hill Country Presbyterian Church. Thanks be to God!

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