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Pax Athanasius Robinson

By heath - Posted on 28 January 2006

Three Sleepers

Originally uploaded by bheathr.

Pax was born at 12:45pm on Friday Jan 27. He weight 8.0 oz, and measured 19in in length.

He and Courtney are both doing well. Courtney is an amazing baby deliverng machine. She looks as good as ever only a day after. As you can see, Pax, also quite a looker, if I do say so myself, has quite a head of dark hair. More pictures are coming, but I need to get them from Courtney's dad. I borrowed the professional camera to record the moment.

In case you are wondering, Pax means peace in Latin and Athanasius is the third in our series of church father names. For more info see the wikipedia entries:
Gage Augustin
Soren Basil
Pax Athanasius

For the most part these were all great men. Like all of us, they have their stains, but they were used by God to shape what all Christians believe even today.

Thanks for all your prayers. Praise be to God! Human life is an amazing thing!

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Hey Heath,

Thanks for the pics of the new little one. We saw them on sunday. Krystl really liked getting to see them also. Technology definetly has changed how people can stay apart of each other's lives.

We're glad everything went well with the birth. Your mom told me you took the week off to help out. Thats probably a huge help for Courtney and help prevent you from having to deal with work on little sleep.

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