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By heath - Posted on 14 December 2005

Every quarter or so, PDI, the company I work for, has a staff meeting. Kirk Fischer, one of our VPs usually gives an inspiring presentation of some sort. It is always good, but this time I really think he hit on something.

He gave a presentation summing up the concepts from the book Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. It followed in a long line of events in my life pointing to my overwhelming lack of discipline. Ok, so maybe overwhelming is bit of an understatement, but I see lack of discipline in my life pretty much all over the place. The fact that I am writing this at 1:14 AM is one example. Another is the mess on my desk.

I have tried to trace the lack back to some root idolatry. Many times it can be traced to the fear of not knowing what to do. Other times, it is laziness. Sometimes it seems to be the fear of failure. Boredom seems to be the cause at times. Whatever the root, it is deep-seated. I see the marks of it back as far as fourth grade at least.

I started to write that the book is on my reading list. It may make it, but I imagine if I just had the discipline to do the things I know, I wouldn't really need to read the book. I am very good at identifying good ideas. I am not always that good at implementing them. I already try to do too many things. Ironically, discipline would help me get those done, but it is the proliferation of them that pushes me away from discipline.

Unfortunately, the gist of Kirk's presentation was that good ideas are a dime a dozen. It is the companies that execute the ideas that are successful.

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