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Drifting Toward Libertarianism

By heath - Posted on 21 November 2005

Living in a pluralistic society can be tough.  We are constantly beset with competing claims to truth.  Groups making these claims may or may not play fair with respect to the society’s agreement.  One example might be militant Muslims.  I'd claim that the secular humanist left is also one such group.  I'd also claim that the most extreme of the "religious right" is another.

As of late I have gradually been drifting toward the Libertarian position.  I think that in a place where pluralism is standard, we need the government to do as little as possible.  The less we have to agree on, the less we will fight.  The less we fight the better chance we have for survival.

When conservatives or liberals begin to bend the government toward their own ends, they legitimate the use by the other party when it wins.  I'd much prefer retain control over my money and forfeit my control over others money.

I also have spiritual reasons as well.  Frankly, the church is not exactly demonstrating the love of Christ in its political battles.  And, while I have few qualms with the positions of the religious right on morality, I am opposed to the overall method.  However, I have begun to think that it does not benefit the cause of Christ to push this on a society that rejects it.

Instead, I think the place to start is at home.  There is much rottenness in the church that can be addressed first.  It is all too easy for the world to cry "hypocrite" when the church claims to be defending marriage.  Maybe we should wait until the divorce rate is half of that of the general population before we start making loud statements about marriage.

My only reservation is that part of our purpose is to transform the world into a place more like God's intention.  Nevertheless, this is part of our broader purpose to spread the fame of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Consequently, we must balance the desire to make the world one that is right according to God's desires using political strategies with the ineffectiveness of this method in a world where there is such disagreement over basic issues of life and morality and the degree to which it hurts the witness of Christ even if it is all misunderstanding.

Instead we must remember that Christ said his kingdom was not of this world.  This means ours is not either.  We must take the approach of inward transformation and a more subversive approach to societal change.  As Christ permeates the hearts of men, the world cannot help but change.  Furthermore, the change will be a much more lasting and authentic change.

So, preach the Gospel.  Let the Spirit and the message change individuals and cultures.

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