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Arrested Development

By heath - Posted on 19 October 2005

Courtney and I recently started watching the first season of Arrested Development on DVD. I have avoided it, as I do most TV these days, but after eating with one of the actors, I was curious. With Pete and Jamie in L.A., I ate with Tony Hale who plays Buster on the show. He was a little crazy, but I excused him since he was an actor. I am so generous. Anyway, he was really pretty cool, and I respect Pete's comedic judgement, so I decided to try it.

It was really pretty good. The format is interesting in that it is a non-linear format. While this is all the rage in film, I haven't seen too much of it in TV. The characters are interesting, and there is a lot of word play and irony. It's no Shakespeare, but it is pretty funny.

Occasionally it has an insight here and there about family relationships or popular culture, but for the most part it is just fun. You ought to try it.

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