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The Levite

By heath - Posted on 08 May 2005

I had a real struggle with the sin in my life today.  I didn't face the temptation of an adulterous woman.  I didn't face the call to greedily bow to the god of mammon.  But, I faced my own struggle with pleasing man, keeping up appearances, and maintaining the status quo.

While we were getting ready for church the morning of the wind storm, Courtney noticed the neighbors gathering outside.  She wanted to go out, but I, still in my robe, said that we needed to hurry and get ready for church. 

I knew right then that the right thing for me to do was to put on my work clothes, get out there and help, but I was afraid of what people would think.  What would Courtney think about that idea?  What would people think if I skipped church?  What would my neighbors thinking of me butting into their business?  So, we proceeded to get ready for church.

While I was dressing the boys, one neighbor came to our door.  Joel is obviously a rough, hard-working man, but has a kind demeanor that peeks through in every encounter.  He wanted to know if we were OK, and gave us a little news about another storm coming through.

My heart sank.  Here was a non-Christian out-loving me.  I was ashamed.  But, Got was giving me another chance to do the right thing.  However, I declined.  I kept preparing my family to go to church.  I almost turned around while on the way, but I had a sinking feeling of being too late.

I often fall a second time because of the regret of having failed the first time.  It is as if I feel there is no making up for my sin.  Guess what?   I am right.  But, it is because Christ has already done it.

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