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Me, opinionated?

By heath - Posted on 25 March 2006

Some time ago I was having dinner with a friend from work. He asked me if I had an opinion about a situation. I said that I did. I also said that if he asked, I would probably always have an opinion.

I live me life pretty much constantly judging and evaluating. While I may sinfully do this at times, much of the time, I am just trying to learn what is good and right about a given subject. I almost always have an answer that I am working form. I try not to be too attached to my view especially if it is one that is relatively new or out-of-step with my community.

In addition, I am always looking for my opinion to be reformed by scripture, the facts, experience, history, teachers, etc. I wouldn't want to be a fool who arbitrarily picks a position and arrogantly refuses to change. However, I don't want to be the aimless fool living the unexamined life.

I picture my kids someday quoting one of their dad's favorite proverbs as they are arguing for their point. "If I didn't think I was right, I would change my mind."

All this to say, please, comment. I love a good discussion.

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Isn't everyone opinionated? If you do not have an opinion about something, then you have no belief about that thing. Gaining information about a subject causes me to form an opinion. I think everyone who thinks is opinionated. Hopefully, not foolishly to change if the facts determine that the opinion is wrong.

Yes, you are opinionated. I dont think there's anything wrong with that. I agree with dlizzi that everyone who thinks is opinionated. Being "opinionated" mostly just gets a bad rap when people are stubborn and closed about their opinions. You are not, although your willingness to fight to the death over the legitimacy of your opinion might occasionally cause others to think that you are "opinionated" in the bad sense.
There's also the obnoxious reality that opinionated people often convince people of their opinions just by being loud and unrelenting. I've experienced a hint of that bully in you from time to time, but I'm willing to stay in the ring. Love ya.

Hopefully that bully isn't around as much as he used to be.

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