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Lost moments

By heath - Posted on 12 October 2005

What was it like to be a child? What do Gage and Soren think as they are going to sleep at night. I hate it, but I am getting old enough that many parts of my childhood are becoming opaque to me. It is kind of sad.

It is particularly sad when I think about how much our past affects who we are. Much of what affects who I am today is completely inaccessible. It is even a little scary.

Courtney and I were talking about how Soren sometimes doesn't understand why he is treated differently than Gage. Recently at the H.O.T Fair, Soren was not able to ride the kiddie roller coaster with Gage. I fear that he will remember the feeling that things were not just when he was young, but he will be unable to recall the particulars and re-interpret them with a more mature point of view. It is difficult being a parent.

I wonder if in heaven we will be able to watch our lives on DVD-HD or Blue Ray or whatever the standard is up there. :-)

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