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Law vs. Grace

By heath - Posted on 27 May 2006

Is it grace to overlook someone's sin? I say, "No." It is better to acknowledge the sin, forgive, and restore. We shouldn't just act like people sin is not there, we should acknolwege it and in Christ forgive it. In this we demonstrate the love that Christ had. It doesn't take nearly as much love to continue in a harmonious relationship when there is no offense. The person needs to know how deeply we love them. They can only know this through forgiveness.

To keep their offense from being known is to do them a disservice on two accounts. First, they will think that you love them because they are lovable. If we are emulating Christ's love it is from sheer benevolence. There is nothing external that moves it, so nothing can move it away. Secondly, it follows, that in believing their own righteousness upholds them in your eyes, they now have the burden on both maintaining righteousness, even when it is not genuine, and hiding unrighteousness.

In this you can see that both law and grace are two sides of the same coin. The law is required to reveal sin to the guilty. And, only with knowledge can faith be exercised. God's salvation is grace from beginning to end.

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