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Is this normal?

By heath - Posted on 04 February 2006

I just got finished watching my two older son's (4 and 2.75) repeatedly taking turns slugging each other in the back and saying, "Ouch." Boys really are different than girls.

This makes me think of a conversation I heard recently. I heard Soren crying. Then I heard Gage say that he was sorry. Soren said that he did not forgive him. Gage said, "You have to." There was about a two-second pause. Then Gage said, "Do you want to play shoot-down (a game where you just try to knock each other down)?" Soren says, "Sure." Then they happily start to run around and knock each other down.

I am sure there are great things about having girls, but I sure enjoy the quick recovery of the hearts of boys.

Updated: Shortly after I wrote this I came across this blog entry from the JollyBlogger.

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