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Statistically Correct Criminal


I was looking at my son's lego criminal that came with a new police lego set and noticed something interesting. Look at that dark spot in his mouth. He has a gold tooth. Do you think that is racist? Is it just a statistically correct criminal?

I wish I had some deep reflection on this, but I just thought it was funny. Some (if there is anyone at all reading this) may recognize this as my FB profile picture.

Funny Brother(in-law)

If you want to see something funny, look at Cameron's post about his new amp.  It is probably funny even if you don't know him.

Technorati Search

Technorati search

Wind Storm

At 5:40 or so my son called for me to come lie down with him for a minute.  He doesn't do this too, often, so I agreed, and laid down for 5 minutes or so until he went to sleep.  Then I went to bed.The next thing I knew, I heard a booming wind and the crash of thunder.  I don't remember noticing the time, but the power was soon out, and the wind was knocking our porch chairs over.We lay in bed for a couple hours listening to the storm, and got up to get ready for church.  I looked out the window.  Devastation is the word that comes to mind.  It is a slight overstatement, but there were tree limbs everywhere, and it looked like someone had cut the tops off of all of our neighbors trees.  It was a mess.  A tornado was rumored, but the weather service says that it was a windstorm with winds from 60-80 mph.  My only question is that some places seemed undisturbed while others had trees over 2ft in diameter uprooted.

New Book: Bonfire of the Vanities

I had asked Courtney to pick me out a new fiction book. I recently heard on This I Believe an essay from John Updike in which he claimed that fiction was more precise than non-fiction. I found this intriguing.

I can see where in some ways he is right. Fiction is more apt to capture the non-verbal communication of through its use of narrative, social cues, and descriptions. My reading is heavily weighted toward non-fiction if you don't count movies :-).

So, I am now reading Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. It is quite good so far. I am picking up on themes of the universality of self-righteousness. It will certainly be an interesting read.