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An expression of praise

Great Day

Soren Hiding
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This picture has nothing to do with today, but I really like this picture. Soren is hiding in a clothes rack at a womens clothting store. That really takes me back. It is great to have kids.

Today was such a great day that

My Life, the DVD

I think one of our favorite pastimes in the new creation will be showing the DVD of our lives to each other. Now, you might think it might be sad or gross or offensive, but we will have a different perspective. What we will see is the true glory of Christ as we see how he painstakingly weaves together our story. I can imagine that we will see new things in our life or one of our brothers or sisters lives with every viewing. Sure, there will be worship too. In fact, this will be one of the things that fuels our worship. Who knows, maybe I will even see the glory in my getting a CS degree from UMHB instead of Texas A & M. I know I will. I can't wait to see yours. I bet he is doing some great things right now.