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Where Have You Been

So this is my obligatory why haven't you blogged in so long. I don't really have to to explain it all, but I felt like I had to clear the air.

There have been some pretty big changes in my life in the last few months. One involves my profession. I am now working full time on Edenic Confluence, LLC (EC). EC is a startup a friend and I have…well…started. We started about a year and a half ago.

We are now re-arranging our vocational lives to make more room. We hope to release something in the next month or so. We're excited, but it is a LOT of work, and I just don't have time to reflect that much on it right now. I do want to share some tech tips, though so others can be helped as I have.

I really think Open Source is a great "love your neighbor as yourself" activity. So, you will probably start seeing some entries about technology again. Be prepared for Web GIS, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Javascript, and CSS. If you're here for theology and philosophical reflection (like anyone is really reading this), you'll have to wait.

Christmas For Families Servant

Late, the night before Christmas Eve, we got a message from a strange voice asking about Santa Pal. She said that one of her children did not receive her gifts. I was suspicious, but Courtney called and left a message. Early Christmas Eve, the lady called back. Courtney asked if she meant the PDI Christmas for Families (CFF) program.

Confessions of a coveter

At St. Paul's Church ( we would confess our sins out loud during church. Following our confession, the pastor would encourage us with a reminder of the boundless grace of Christ. Sometimes, we used the Ten Commandments as a framework for this confession. I could not always find the sin in my life for each commandment, and I particularly despised the idea of finding covetousness in my heart. I prided (alarm bells go off) myself on being content.

Lately I have realized and been able to admit to a greater depth of covetousness in my own heart. I find myself looking enviously at my friends houses or careers. I can also reflect back on my time in seminary where I envied the lifestyles of those who did not have to work and who had the confidence to spend time with professors. I even remember a specific occasion of envying a guys pants in church while I was in college. LOL.

I could no longer ignore the fact of my discontent heart when I found myself thinking, "Well, he is 6 years older than I am so it is OK. Now, how am I going to get where he is." Aha. The idol is revealed. I have swallowed the lie that it is these external things that determine my worth and satisfaction. What a lie. Many of those people whose things I might covet are merely coveting things of those those who I can yet see.