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You know, Heath, people in the churches of your childhood did not THINK so much about what was happening regarding community. They just enjoyed being together. What they contributed to each other was not thought out. Whatever they contributed to one another, just happened...... It's funny that those times bring fond memories to you considering that those people were not "thinkers", just fellowshippers, simple people who just enjoyed being together, and you, a thinker feel you saw real value in their ways. I miss those times too, but I realize that any lack of community that I feel now, I could change by being more deliberate in planning to spend time with folks in this "niche" church. There are plenty of people longing for relationships...people of all ages. It doesn't happen as automatically as did in those childhood churches. If you miss "non-niche" fellowship, maybe it would be good to expand to different people.....maybe people of different ages. I know there are older people in the church who would enjoy spending time with a young couple with three sweet boys. Sorry....quite enough babbling, huh?


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