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I am impressed. That was a fairly heavy essay to weigh through with many terms peculiar to presbyterian and reformed theology. Have you studied covenant vs. dispensational theology very much?

I honestly don't know that much about this particular controversy. We were in France when it broke out, and know that there are cries of heresy, which is pretty serious in the PCA. I think the denomonation is looking into the issue, and I too am going to do more research.

I think the biggest criticism is related to the FV guys as "going catholic." I do think that Minich did a good job of show how this was not really a valid criticism. To a degree, I think the problem is one of vocabulary and perspective.

What stood out to me is the how the 2 perspectives of Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology are difficult at times to translate from one to the other. I do believe they may be for us unreconcilable and yet true (See the Room for God post). However, it is fruitful to explore both and push the limits of each to understand them as representing distict but true summaries of what is taught in scripture.

Right now, I tend to agree with the FV teaching, but I have not studied it thoroughly. In a sense, it sounds like what I beleived already. Having recently studied Galatians, I can see how both FV and the New Perspective fit with both Galatians and how they are compatible with traditional doctrinal usages of the text.

I hope that this paper will lead to mutual understanding. I admire Minich for taking seriously the theologian's job as a servant of the Church. This is what stood out most about the paper. It seemed to analyze both the issues involved in the controversy and the controversy itself with amazing clarity.


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