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Thanks for posting this essay Heath. I read it as an outsider looking in the Presbyterian window (I had not read many of the primary works mentioned in regards to the perspectives cited among the FV and its critics). So with that disclaimer, I think you are right. It was a really good essay. The writer seemed to evaluate the matter fairly, and I appreciate his approach. I smiled when I read his emphasis on giving others the benefit of the doubt you would want if they were reading you. We wont get anywhere in understanding each other enough to love each other without it. I also liked his prayer at the end, and it fit what seems to be a genuine concern for the matter of most importance and resulted in his humility. At least from what I can tell from just this essay.

It is interesting how we stuggle on the boundaries of understanding. There must be a healthy balance of acknowledging limitations and learning what can be understood. It sounds like this controversy has been pretty prominent in the Presbyterian church. Has it had detrimental effects?

What stood out to you about the controversy?


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