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Wow, you are having a discussion like this at work? What are the backgrounds of your coworkers?

Thanks for organizing a case for infant baptism in a concise manner (it's helpful for assessing the idea, many times in explaining a concept the disorganization of thought mucks up the communication, I can tend to this sometimes).

There is diverse theologic thought on baptism, salvation, and infants out there and as well as to the priority of issue each advocate holds for them. Maybe your readers (me for one) could get a better understanding of your view with a few questions:

First off, good job on stating clearly that baptism is only a "sign" of the reality of faith; faith being the crucial thing. I think I can safely assume this means you advocate that salvation is independent of baptism (one needs not be baptized to be saved). Let me know if I misunderstood.

- Your goal was to provide a valid case for the legitimacy of the practice of infant baptism. Would this case allow for baptism to be practiced diffently? Is it an option to not baptize infants and only adults (is it a sin to not baptize infants?)

- In connecting circumcision with baptism, what most accurately describes their relationship?

a.) same, just different appearance (e.g. prejudice is "against" in ways of color, or "against" in ways of money, etc)

b.) similar, sharing things in common, but differences that make it distinct (e.g. basketball and an orange / basketball and a football)

c.) subset / part of whole (e.g. piston of an engine / line and a triangle)

d.) other (e.g. theres a better way to describe it)

- In regards to "so called experts", should we take this to mean, other views dont have qualified experts that hold their view? (I'm pretty sure you don't mean that, something more like even though other views have experts, "so called experts" can pop up and confuse things. but just checking)


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