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It can be frustrating if your lifestyle differs quite abit from those around you or your history was one that differed so much that the "goodie 2 shoes"(g2s) seems to be the reaction of you of those around you. However, your recent post "putting your best foot forward" is a good example I think of how even with large differences in background / lifestyle others can see your struggle to live a certain way and identity with it. Being open about things like that is a sacrifice, in a sense, that God can use.

a side note: it seems to me the g2s label is many times a scare tactic for those who want to live otherwise and is wickedly relative. Your neighbor sees something in you as g2s, but that neighbor is g2s to the street criminal, who is g2s to the prison inmate, who is g2s to suddam hussein, ... there's no escape.


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