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Vocal Instant Replay

By heath - Posted on 03 December 2005

On many occasions I have wanted a device that I have yet to see invented. I suppose I could write the software for my Pocket PC, but I am not sure that would suffice. I'd prefer a special device.

I'd like a continuous voice recorder. It would record a specified amount of time in a loop. Then, you could save off pieces that were interesting. It'd be like audio instant replay for your life.

My use cases are:

  • Arguing with your spouse :-)
  • Capturing sayings or arguments that just come out right only once
  • Capturing those "you just had to be there" moments
  • Capturing your children's voices and sayings
  • Finally, normal voice recording uses
  • It is just hard to capture those serendipitous vocal moments. I've been wanting this for years. I know we have the technology. Now that I have shared my idea, someone just needs to make it.


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