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By heath - Posted on 20 November 2005

I can't remember exactly how I happened on to it, but I recently found the DefCon America website.

I have to say it is pretty sad the way they represent and misrepresent the "religious right."  I am not exactly sure whether or not to personalize it.  I attend a church that is smack dab in the middle of their definition of the religious right, but I would probably not fit their definition completely.  Many of my concerns and views do not precisely align with the religious right.  In addition, I do not espouse the eschatology DefCon so vehemently criticizes.

Do read the "End times theology" essay.  I read it with some uneasiness.  I am not a premillenial dispensationalist, and I have made many of the same statements as the DefCon website.  It is sad that this sort of thing is being said.  It is sad to see Christ's name dragged through the mud because of this error.

I cannot, however, sit by and watch my brothers and sisters be dragged through the mud without raising some protest.  I decided that I would join their mailing list and respond.  We'll see how it goes. 

It's enough to start singing imprecatory psalms.  DefCon is extremely disdainful and arrogant.  It is surprising how intolerant the left can be.  Not only do they call names, but they take quotes out of context and completly disrespect people's fervently held beliefs.  I don't agree with them, but I don't belittle them.  No doubt, however, there are those on the right that do.   It is a little scary to see how divided our country is becoming.  How long can we maintain unity in the current system?  It makes me wonder what our children will face.


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