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You Never Know

By heath - Posted on 26 June 2005

You never know what is lurking behind the seemingly benign and harmonious relationships. I shot a wedding video for my father-in-law this weekend. Except for one sentence, I would have thought it was one big happy family.

There were smiles all around. The families were all intact as much as I could tell. Brothers and sisters seem to all love each other. There were no knock-down-drag-out fights about flowers or the service or anything.

Everyone was cordial to the help (me). There was no unusual nervousness on the part of the bride or groom throughout the wedding. In fact, at one point the bride laughed out loud.

The only odd thing I noticed was that the mother of the bride decided it was time to pick up the church in between the pictures after the wedding and the reception. We waited twenty minutes for her to arrive. That was a little frustrating.

I had to stay probably 30 minutes over my time to record the necessary rituals of cake cutting, etc. When I finally left, I realized that I was missing my jacket. I had laid it down on some bushes while waiting to get the shot of the couple exiting their limo. It was hot, and we were waiting on the OCD mother. I decided to drive back to the front and pick up my jacket.

As I drove up to the front of Cultural Activities Center, there were two people I recognized from the wedding. One was a groomsman and the other his wife. They were smoking outside near my jacket. I wondered if the thought it was strange for someone to park in the middle of the street and walk up to them. However, they kept talking as I walked up and picked up my jacket. The only words, I heard were, "It's horrible, ya know, it is the happiest day of Lori's life, and it is divided..."


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