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Taking pleasure in others' sin

I often here people say things like, "It is a relief to hear that he actually argues with his wife." My question is, "Why?" It seems like we really should be sad. Our brother is suffering under the power of sin. Ought we not

Thoughts on cussing

Considering the providential ordering of the topics in the Christian blogosphere and HowItWorks, I have decided to weigh in on the cussing/swearing topic. I'll use cuss instead of swear because it emphasizes my geography. This is in direct rebellion against the tendency of mass media to flatten all regional culture.

Drifting Toward Libertarianism

Living in a pluralistic society can be tough.  We are constantly beset with competing claims to truth.  Groups making these claims may or may not play fair with respect to the society’s agreement.  One example might be militant Muslims.  I'd claim that the secular humanist left is also one such group.  I'd also claim that the most extreme of the "religious right" is another.

As of late I have gradually been drifting toward the Libertarian position.  I think that in a place where pluralism is standard, we need the government to do as little as possible.  The less we have to agree on

DefCon America

I can't remember exactly how I happened on to it, but I recently found the DefCon America website.

I have to say it is pretty sad the way they represent and misrepresent the "religious right."  I am not exactly sure whether or not to personalize it.  I attend a church that is smack dab in the middle of their definition of the religious right, but I would probably not fit their definition completely.  Many of my concerns and views do not precisely align with the religious right.  In addition, I do not espouse the eschatology DefCon so vehemently criticizes.

Bittersweet Process

The maturing of a child is a bittersweet processes.  Lately I am realizing that my relationship with Gage is changing.  As he becomes more and more capable, I am no longer required to wait on him, well, as a baby or toddler.  However, I lose the pleasure of spending non-hurried time dressing him or accompanying him to the bathroom.

Flowers from Jesus

Maybe it is a little corny, but what if we sent flowers to women with no husband on special occasions that were from Jesus? Could this be a concrete way to be the body of Christ in his being a husband to the widow?

TFC - November

Tonight was the most recent meeting of the Temple Film Club (TFC). We along with the Skaggs watched About Schmidt. I may post a review if I decide to stay up any later.

Anyway, I thought I would draw any local readers' attention to the TFC. In my mind the TFC has a two-fold purpose. In fact, it may even be three fold. Let's see.

Where is preaching that challenges heart?

Most of the time when I walk out of church, I speak very little about the sermon from that point forward. I don't think I am alone. Ironically, many at my church think that we have a very good preacher. And, by their measuring stick, I think he is. My stick, however, is how it moves people.

The fact is that he has built a large congregation virtually from scratch. I do not mean to disrespect him by talking so negatively about preaching. One of my favorite preachers, Mike Malone, from St. Paul's PCA in Orlando, had the same problem. Very few people would talk about the sermon after it was over.

Now, Courtney and I are strange, and having noticed this point, try, as much as we can, to discuss the sermon during the remainder of the Sunday. However, we find it very difficult to bring it up with others. It seems that

Life's Complicated

Sometimes I am overwhelmed at all there is to learn, and know and experience and share. I have been having a great conversation with my wife about marital roles. I started looking at a Great Courses brochure and saw courses on the "Great Books" and human language development. When I walked back into the room with iTunes playing, it was playing a great song, Letters to God, by Boxcar Racer.

It makes me want to quit everything and go to grad school for philosophy or back to seminary to get my M. Div. Then I remember that

Husband/Wife Roles

Courtney and I got into a discussion tonight about husband and wife roles. Thankfully, I can say that this topic hasn't come up in quite some time. Unfortunately it did earlier in our marriage.

In small talk with an acquaintance, the idea that Courtney would be well taken care of as the mother of three boys came up. This caused me to reflect on my own practice of chivalry.

I think I have inherited a somewhat rare version of masculinity. It is one that is strong and traditional, and yet