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Husband/Wife Roles

Courtney and I got into a discussion tonight about husband and wife roles. Thankfully, I can say that this topic hasn't come up in quite some time. Unfortunately it did earlier in our marriage.

In small talk with an acquaintance, the idea that Courtney would be well taken care of as the mother of three boys came up. This caused me to reflect on my own practice of chivalry.

I think I have inherited a somewhat rare version of masculinity. It is one that is strong and traditional, and yet

The Web 2.0

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Sorry for all the boring posts, but this is pretty interesting.  If you are interested in where the web is going, read this article.


I am using a new browser called flock.  It is good integration to blogging,, flickr, and all the social web stuff.  Soren likes the flickr integration.  He was pretty excited to see his picture.  Here it is:

Arrested Development

Courtney and I recently started watching the first season of Arrested Development on DVD. I have avoided it, as I do most TV these days, but after eating with one of the actors, I was curious. With Pete and Jamie in L.A., I ate with Tony Hale who plays Buster on the show. He was a little crazy, but I excused him since he was an actor. I am so generous. Anyway, he was really pretty cool, and I respect Pete's comedic judgement, so I decided to try it.

Small Group Transition

Our small group just finished the study on Galatians from Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC. It has been a great study. I would recommend it to anyone. It will and should be controversial at times, but the Gospel is controversial.

Loved by the Father

John 16:25-33

It is barely comprehensible that the God of the universe loves me. I am so thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ who has made this possible, and yet, it is at least partly because he loved me that he came in the first place.

Happy Death

John 16:16-24

There are very few deaths over which I am happy. There is one, however, over which I am ecstatic. It is the death of Jesus. Without his death and resurrection, I would be utterly lost.

Am I going to be held accountable for what I know

Last week, I purchased some Kool-Aide from some kids and two single mothers in the projects near our house on the way home from church. There I was in my spiffy clothes, decked out boys, and new mini-van buy 25 cent kool-aide from kids in Wal-Mart clothes who probably struggle to pay the bills. My conscience has been bothering me since.

It just doesn't seem right. Sure, I have

Lost moments

What was it like to be a child? What do Gage and Soren think as they are going to sleep at night. I hate it, but I am getting old enough that many parts of my childhood are becoming opaque to me. It is kind of sad.

It is particularly sad when

If its worth doing well..

If its worth doing well, it is worth doing poorly.

Three examples:

Rusty's prayer updates - My friend, Rusty, sends out prayer updates for his church plant. He asks that we "send up a quick one" right when we get the email. Courtney and I were recently commenting on how at first we didn't like this so we thought we would save the email and prayer more when we got time. Now we just follow Rusty's instructions, and we actually pray for his fledgling church. If it is worth an hour of prayer later, it is worth 5 minutes now. Don't neglect the 5 minute prayer because you can't dedicate the hour.

Saving money -